The Flush Beyond The Blush: Rosacea & You

BY LISA WILLIAMS A chronic and potentially life-disrupting skin disorder, rosacea is more than just an innocent blush. The face of rosacea can cover a full spectrum of 50 shades of red – from a bashful perpetual rosiness that’s most prominent in the central face (cheeks, nose, forehead and chin) to a violently red angry mask. Typically starting between the ages of 30 and 50 (and more frequently in women than […]

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How to Get Thicker, Fuller, Sexier Hair

BY LISA WILLIAMS Skinny is great for lattes and jeans. But when it comes to mane goals, there’s one that every woman has: Voluptuous, healthy-looking hair that moves with you. Blame it on Mum’s meagre-maned genes (plus years of self-imposed styling damage, life’s stresses and the passage of time), the truth is precious few are born with luscious, shampoo-ad hair. A cleverly layered cut is non-negotiable. But if you would […]

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Your Decollete Could Be Giving Your Game Away

BY LISA WILLIAMS The neck and decollete can be the first areas to show the signs of ageing, as the skin is thinner, often neglected and overexposed to the elements. All these factors can lead to pigmentation, loss of tone and a lined appearance. Here are some of our beauty editors’ top tips on how to get your chest looking its best, plus we give you the low down on […]

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