The Case For Kegels

It’s probably one of the most neglected muscle of our body yet it undergoes some major life changes as a woman ages. Yes, we are talking about your pelvic floor muscles. Imagine this. You moisturize, you wear SPF every day, you’ve probably bought different masks for a bunch of different skin conditions to last you a lifetime… so why not tack one more thing onto your laundry list of self-care? […]

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Magnetic Waves for Muscular Toning

The search for an effective, effortless method to tone our bodies have always been the holy grail of many body-conscious individuals. To date, while there are many methods to reduce unwanted body fat and tighten body skin, there has been a dearth of methods to address the loss of muscle tone in the body that happens with age or perhaps, a sedentary lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong that we are […]

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10 Ways To Stop Skin Aging

Aging is an inevitable fact of life. However, this does not mean that we are not going to try our best to slow down this process. In fact, many cosmeceuticals are devoting large sums of money to uncovering innovative technology and ingredients to slow down this ageing process. To age in the best (slowest) possible way, we need to understand what exactly happens when our skin ages. Read more: 8 […]

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