On Happiness

Many people ask: has happiness found you? I always ponder this question. “Happiness” is often treated like a gift, that you have to wait patiently for, and one day it will come to you. Many people when probed what happiness means to them will cite factors like a stable job, a successful career, filial kids, a loving spouse… It seems then that our happiness is not within our control but […]

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Mind running amok at night?

It is almost midnight and your mind is running a mile a minute. You are physically exhausted but you just cannot tame your racing mind to find sleep. Ruminations, or repetitive, intrusive thoughts, can interfere with sleep and contribute to nighttime anxiety. While everyone may experience these thoughts occasionally, for some, it can become a persistent problem. Here are some evidence-based strategies to help stop ruminations at night: Cognitive Behavioral […]

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