How your body changes during menopause

In a study in the International Journal of Obesity, menopause in women triggered a host of changes in the body which included Increased visceral fat (that’s fat around your internal organs) and decreased metabolic rate or your fat burning capacity. These changes were independent of age and total body fat which meant they affected any woman regardless of their initial body weight and their age at menopause be it young […]

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Carbohydrate Restriction vs Calorie Restriction – Which Works BEST?

This is the age old debate that people who are into health and wellness are debating. One school is the intermittent fasting proponents who aim to reduce total calorie count by limiting the hours whereby they actively consume food. In another group, you have the people who look at the macronutrients they ingest, and judiciously steer clear of carbohydrates in favour of protein and fat. The reasons why people will […]

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The Case For Kegels

It’s probably one of the most neglected muscle of our body yet it undergoes some major life changes as a woman ages. Yes, we are talking about your pelvic floor muscles. Imagine this. You moisturize, you wear SPF every day, you’ve probably bought different masks for a bunch of different skin conditions to last you a lifetime… so why not tack one more thing onto your laundry list of self-care? […]

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