Is This Supplement The Key To Slowing Down Ageing?

Some experts argue that calorie restriction (including intermittent fasting) is an effective method for helping to slow down the body’s aging process, increase longevity and reduce the risk for a variety of diseases. The same for eliminating white sugar and processed foods from your diet. But if slashing your daily calorie intake by up to a third and foregoing chocolates sounds like the end of the world—new research conducted by […]

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Bed Rest Not the Best for Back Pain, and other new findings

Low back pain affects 540 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of disability, but vast numbers of people with lower back pain across the world are being harmed, not helped, by the surgery, injections and dangerous opioid drugs they are given, according to a major new report. Read More: Study Claims Women with Fewer Children Look Better Investigating using MRI scans is counterproductive, the experts say. MRIs will […]

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