5 Retinol Myths Debunked

Retinol is the ultimate skincare powerhouse. A derivative of vitamin A, it promotes cell turnover to refine pores, reduce dark spots, smooth wrinkles and improve overall skin texture in one. However, some people are unwilling to try retinol because of their perceived side effects, such as flaking and redness. We are here to debunk some retinol myths based on latest scientific evidence. Myth #1: All these ingredients starting with ‘R’ […]

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The Latest Beauty Craze—Youthful Earlobes!

Ears, they’re so hot right now—and not just because the statement earring dominated the spring runway. After all, with the recent resurgence of casual updos and oversized earrings, 2018 may very well be the year of the ear. Marlene Dietrich allegedly had her molars removed to emphasize the hollows of her cheekbones, and Marilyn Monroe was said to have undergone painful electrolysis procedures to remove her widow’s peak: People have […]

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3 Questions with Dr Low Chai Ling

by Janice Teoh I had a chance to catch up with Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of the much talked about SW1 Clinic. With over 8000 sq feet of space housing over 20 treatment suites and fully equipped day surgery center, it has been touted as a one-stop aesthetic and plastic surgery haven, a beauty mecca for the A-listers and fashionistas in Asia.   What is one secret to staying […]

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