How ‘Natural’ Vitamins May Harm Your Body

There is a misconception that ‘natural’ is safe, leading many to believe that as long as they use plant or fruit based ingredients, they will be reaping all the benefits with nary a side effect. This erroneous thinking can have devastating consequences when taken to its extremes. A woman in China almost died after injecting herself with liquidised fruit in a bid to be healthy. The 51-year-old suffered liver, kidney, […]

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Hormonal Acne Decoded

Many of us spent our teenage years fantasizing about being a grown-up: You’d have your own house, make your own money, and wake up with flawless skin, because that’s what adults do, right? We can’t do much about the house and the money, but we can help you out with that last issue. We tend to think of acne as a problem for the young, and there’s a good reason […]

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Top 4 Aesthetic Treatments of 2018

The results are out! And they are surprising, to say the least. Gone were the domination of more invasive procedures such as liposuction and surgical facelifts. Skip the hospital visits, recovery time, and pain meds—this year’s most popular aesthetic treatments will have you swapping the knife for the needle. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increased 200% since 2000, with 15.7 million procedures […]

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