10 Ways To Stop Skin Aging

Aging is an inevitable fact of life. However, this does not mean that we are not going to try our best to slow down this process. In fact, many cosmeceuticals are devoting large sums of money to uncovering innovative technology and ingredients to slow down this ageing process. To age in the best (slowest) possible way, we need to understand what exactly happens when our skin ages. Read more: 8 […]

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Do Natural Ingredients Work For Lightening Skin?

Pigmentation on your skin can be a recurrent and stubborn problem. My patients often report that pigmentation on their skin has led to negative impacts on their psychological well-being. While the market for cosmetics and concealers has mushroomed over the years, pigmentation that is untreated eventually darkens to the point where even cosmetics may fail to camouflage it adequately. Individuals who are active in sporting pursuits also find the option […]

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Chemicals In Sunscreen May Enter Blood

We’ve all been told how important sunscreen is to our skin. Before we step out into the sun, we’ve been sold the idea that sun protection is key not only to our current skin condition but also to the future health of our skin. Read more: Hormonal Acne Decoded In fact, applying sunscreen isn’t just something we do before we hit the beaches. Lathering on SPF has in fact become […]

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