Anti-Inflammation Diet – Get Younger, Slimmer & Healthier

BY LISA WILLIAMS The Anti-inflammation Diet is a new healthy eating trend that’s claims to do it all – live healthier, perform better, lose weight and look younger! It is not extreme like other fad diets. Nonetheless, the effects of this eating plan made popular by sportspeople and celebs can be dramatic. Our beauty team went in search for more information on this hot ‘beauty’ diet that promises youth through […]

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Beauty Vitamin – Eat it, or Wear it?

BY LISA WILLIAMS Popping pretty pills is the latest trend to hit the beauty-conscious generation, and that’s hardly surprising. After all, for years busy city-dwellers have been taking pills to scrub our arteries, to lubricate our joints, to revitalize our libidos, to sharpen our memory, or to fall into a stuporous, amnesiac sleep. While beauty supplements are fashionable, but have you ever wondered if their special – and often pricey […]

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The Flush Beyond The Blush: Rosacea & You

BY LISA WILLIAMS A chronic and potentially life-disrupting skin disorder, rosacea is more than just an innocent blush. The face of rosacea can cover a full spectrum of 50 shades of red – from a bashful perpetual rosiness that’s most prominent in the central face (cheeks, nose, forehead and chin) to a violently red angry mask. Typically starting between the ages of 30 and 50 (and more frequently in women than […]

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