Is Our Bottled Water Poisoning Us?

Look around you and you’ll see cyclists, joggers and pedestrians who would once have been seen clutching plastic bottles of water now holding stainless steel and paper containers instead. Drink to your health? Research has shown that harmful compounds can leach from plastics into the food and drinks that we consume. So, what exactly do these people know that you don’t? Read More: STUDY SAYS THESE COMMON MISTAKES COULD BE […]

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Are We Becoming Beauty Clones?

Browse through the photos on Instagram and you may be wondering if you are seeing double. Many women seem to be conforming to an uniform look. Is this the new type of attitude social media is perpetuating: Why be you when you can be like all the popular, beautiful people, like Kylie Jenner? The next time you post a new photo on Instagram, step back and ask yourself: Is it really […]

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5 French Beauty Secrets That Will Change Your Looks

French beauty is a category in itself. A much-coveted yet elusive concept, women all over the world look to the French for their unique way of treating their skin and hair; the French woman’s effortless aesthetic is something many of us secretly wish to emulate. The more we look to French influence as a lifestyle guide, the more it becomes clear that one thing separates us: Motive. Whether we’re talking […]

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