Flawless Skin Guide

What it truly means to flaunt naked skin. We speak to industry insiders to gove you this definitive guide on how you can rock the flawless ‘dewy’ look. In recent years, images of heavily made up celebrities have given way to makeup-free faces. It seems that the trend is headed towards less concealing, less colours on the eyes and lips and more towards natural, flawless skin. Celebrities are now flaunting […]

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Acne sufferers may age slower, according to study

It might be cold comfort for those of you struggling with bad skin right now, but a new study has found that people with acne tend to have younger-looking skin as they grow older. Scientists at King’s College London have found that people who have previously suffered from acne are likely to have longer telomeres (the protective repeated nucleotides found at the end of chromosomes) in their white blood cells, […]

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Top Skin Hacks You Need To Know

When it comes to treating skin, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Arm yourself with an arsenal of know-how so that when skin emergencies arise, you are in the best position to whip up a solution from common items in your home. Read More: The Rise of Cult Beauty: 5 Brands to Watch This Year  

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