Rules for Total Wellness

Age is only a number “Some people are old at 18 and some people are young at 90… Time is a concept that humans created.“ ~ Yoko Ono Let me give you a few stunning examples: Doris Long was 85 when she started industrial climbing as a hobby and she’s still doing it at 100. Imagine that! In the musical scene, rocker grandma Ruth Flowers decided to be a club […]

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5 Retinol Myths Debunked

Retinol is the ultimate skincare powerhouse. A derivative of vitamin A, it promotes cell turnover to refine pores, reduce dark spots, smooth wrinkles and improve overall skin texture in one. However, some people are unwilling to try retinol because of their perceived side effects, such as flaking and redness. We are here to debunk some retinol myths based on latest scientific evidence. Myth #1: All these ingredients starting with ‘R’ […]

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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Longer & Stronger

The maximum rate at which your hair will grow may be genetically determined: For most people this is approximately half an inch a month – there is not much you can do to speed this up. But you can certainly take steps to ensure your strands are growing at their optimal rate and not falling out before they should.” Despite the thousands of products on the market marketed specifically for […]

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